Administration/Human Resources office will be under restrictions of no more than 10 people at any given time until further notice. Office hours may vary, call in advanced.

PLEASE Get in contact with HR to make sure we have your latest contact information.

New Hire Training

Due to the complexity of OJT and the availability of trainers, this is not possible.

WARNING! YOU MUST BE SCHEDULED THROUGH ADMINISTRATION TO ATTEND OJT - Training dates and times will be provided to you.

Uniform (if not provided one by OJT) 

  • Jeans or Dickies Pants – Black or Blue (dark colors, no tears, properly fitted) 
  • Pants is highly suggested, but you may wear shorts 
  • Solid Color Shirt with no designs (small logo is fine) 
  • Proper footwear (safety shoes only) 
  • Provided Safety Vest or High Visibility Jacket
  • If provided any uniform pieces, they must be worn (i.e. pants/shorts, shirt, hat/beanie)
  • NO UNAPPROVED HEAD WEAR or FOOT WEAR ALLOWED- you will be sent home

Meeting Location: Terminal 3, 5757 Wayne Newton Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89119

  1. Park in the East side of the employee “covered” parking garage (Follow Long Term Parking Signs, Stay on Far Right Lane)  
  2. Take elevator to Level 1 and cross over overpass 
  3. Inside the Terminal, Take elevator to Level 2 (Passenger Check in Level) 
  4. Turn left as you exit the elevator (towards Lost & Found) 
  5. DO NOT go to LOST & FOUND 
  6. Find Entrance Door 46 (second to last doors before end of building) 
  7. Have a seat in the lobby and waitfor the OJT Trainer to arrive 
  8. If being dropped off, follow “departures” signs and then follow steps 6 & 7 above 


  • OJT is MANDATORY TRAINING; any personal events must be rescheduled to accommodate this training.
  • Ramp and Cabin Service Agents must have all required Online Training completed prior to attending OJT. If this is not the case, Agent will be removed and rescheduled for a later date after completion of Online Training.
  • Meal break (30min) may be provided; you may bring your lunch and/or buy lunch at the food venues at the airport (remember: meal breaks are not mandatory unless you work 8 hours) 
  • Bring a lock if you want to use a locker. A keyed lock is recommended. 
  • NO backpacks or any other type of bags that do not meet the “Clear Tote” TSA Policy

Parking Location changed as of Dec 18, 2019

  • We are now to park at T3 Level 2 (Long Term Parking)
  • Enter via "Employee Parking" which is the far right lane and gate

To Exit:

  • Follow the exit signs in the parking lot
  • When at the exit gates, utilize the far 2 "Employee Exits"


To be updated:

Visit this link to Google Maps that show several different routes you may take. (OLD)

 Google Maps


New Hire Training Survey

STOP! This is only to be utilized by New Hires that are currently in training.

Please complete the survey at the link below.

New Hire Survey


Or scan the QR-Code on a mobile device.




Uniform Fitting is only available between:

0900 - 1600
Mon - Fri




1525 East Sunset Ave
Suite 4
Las Vegas, NV 89119



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